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Taylor-made and packages

Every house is different and each client has his own needs and taste. That makes every interior design tailor-made. Still, the proces of an interior design is often the same. It consists of three phases: the concept phase, the definition phase and the building phase. To give you an idea of the activities and prices involved in each phase, I created three packages that you can use as a guideline to get started. They are meant to be flexibel and to be adjusted to your specific needs. You can always 'upgrade' from one package to the next one. Choose one of the packages or feel free to ask me any questions about it via the contact form.


Online design service

If you are interested in a concept design, you can choose for my online service, which is faster and cheaper. If you can provide a good floorplan (top view) with the right measures on it and enough photos of the room, I can start drawing straight away. Send me those by e-mail together with a description of the issue of the room, your needs and your budget, and I will send you a concept design (pdf format) within a few days. Don't forget to include important information such as bearing walls, discharge pipes, heaters, etcetera.

Would you like me instead coming over to see the room myself, take measures and pictures? No problem at all, I will take all activities from the SKETCH package into account.

  • intake (online or on site): inventory of your needs, room feautures and budget.
  • quotation of my activities (for tailor made solutions)
  • floorplan existing situation
  • floorplan (or floorplans if different options) future situation*
  • 3D views and renders of the different options, with suggestions for materials, colours and main furniture*
  • moodboard
  • concept lighting plan
  • presentation (online or onsite)
  • one revision/adjustment
  • digital book (pdf)*

€ 470* - 650



  • all activities from SKETCH package
  • detail drawings with exact dimensions
  • detailed proposal of colours, materials and main forniture items
  • detailed lighting plan



In case of a required building permit I can take care of the application for you. The extra charge includes:

  • construction drawings (by a construction engineer)
  • consultations with the municipal surveyor
  • paperwork

€ 950 - 1250





  • all activities from DEFINE package
  • builders selection
  • (online) stores selection
  • supervision of building site


Prices depend very much on the sort of design. Let's discuss this turm-key solution together.




  • *: Items with a * distinguish the online design services
  • Prices are based on the design of one room. Do you consider redesigning more rooms? Contact me as prices change according to the amount of rooms and how they relate to each other
  • Hourly rate: € 65,-
  • exclusive travelling expenses
  • all prices are exclusive VAT

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