Interior designer

"The moment I walk into a room, I start picturing how it could be "

Thanks to my architectural background I can combine both technical and aesthetical knowledge in my work. I am also an expert in local building regulations and therefore I can help you by coordinating the hole building process. But designing a space is really my main asset. I get inspired by the architectural features of your house and your lifestyle. Then I focus on functionality (comfortability), logistics (routing, storage) as well as personal style when designing a space. I present my designs with 3D views and photo realistic drawings in order to help you understand the effects of the design on your home. I offer different packages and related pricing according to different needs and tend to offer online services to make my work as affordable as possible.


Architecture advisor

"I believe that architecture affects our wellbeing"

As long as I can remember I've always loved houses. I studied Architecture at the Technical University of Milan, Italy, and partly at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. I worked several years as an advisor for various organizations based in The Netherlands and operating in different areas. I have been advising on sustainable building, coordinating building projects and writing policy documents about aesthetic regulation on the architecture of the city of The Hague. I have always done this in the belief that the design of the space around us affects how we feel. In the meantime I never stopped feeding my passion for houses by designing interiors in my spare time. Nowadays I focus on this passion and enjoy life as an interior designer.




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